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Jul 10, 2014

Watched a popular TED talk on Vulnerability by Brene Brown. That its a state that allows wonderful experiences, great creativity and innovation. I tried to think of what vulnerability would mean vibrationally. certainly it requires letting go of fear and being very present. Abraham might say that its alignment, but with an implication of some fear. A fragile state of sheer authenticity with a threat of being affected by outside perspective. 

I don't know if I've ever been consistantly vulnerable  in any relationship. I know I've experienced exhilerating connections with friends, family and even strangers in a moment of vulnerability. but i wonder how it feels to always be able to tap into it with a partner. It would require a steady sense of total acceptance and love...from myself to myself and to my partner.

What a beautiful relationship to aspire to...

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Posted by grace2013 on Jul 25, 2014
i think vulnerability is no quality itself - its just part of openess - wich is required for everything, like love, creativity ... letting out or in ... anything but there is quality in being touchable ... if you are alligned with source you dont get hurt? ... maybe just for some contrast ^^
Posted by meohmy on Jul 15, 2014
The way I see vulnerability, is having the courage to be completely authentic without worry of the consequence. This post for instance, at first type, I considered weather what I had to say was worth mentioning. What I was actually considering was weather I wanted to be vulnerable to what others thought of what I had to say. A relationship where both parties can be authentic would have to include an environment of non judgment, positiveness. I believe in this human experience we can offer supreme moments of this kind of goodness to one another. The question is, can we remain in a state of joy in those moments where neither partner is offering the ideal environment of non judgment or positiveness.
Posted by Suecreates on Jul 13, 2014
I like this perspective. The world sees someone that is vulnerable as able to be hurt or weak. Being vulnerable in a relationship requires trust and trust comes from self trust first of all. Healing our wounds will free us to trust again and be vulnerable. I like the TED Talks also and I think Brene Brown was featured in an Oprah magazine also.