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Jan 11, 2008

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Dec 29, 2007

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Adventures in TIme and Space - Part 1 -
Feb 19, 2008

Hello Fellow Travelers,

I begin this adventure by beating the drum of where I wish to be rather than beating the drum of what is. As I continue to beat the drum of what I desire (Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation) everthing I want comes to me effortlessly. The idea being that as I mold the energy and pre-intend my path, days and segments, things fall neatly into place.

Contrast happens, and when it does I use it to identify what I want and then pivot in that direction rahter than giving my attnetion to what I dont want. ie. I am going to go in a cruise to Nassau soon and I see myself bathing in the hot tub on the top deck of the sovereign of the seas. I love that boat and they just remodeled it. I have not seen it since it was refitted so I excitedly anticipate seeing this beautiful boat after her face-lift. 

Thus far my steam has been moving pretty fast and I spend my days reaching for apprecitation, gratitude and the best feeling thought I can reach from from where I am. Usually it is one that brings a sense of relief. I enjoy blogging ad it has been a while since Iblogged. If this is your first visit, please come back as things unfold. You may find this blog as delicious to read as I do to write it.  I have a Won Ton soup that is getting cold and a pussy cat named sissy that needs feeding so for now I will say au revior.

Happy Trails,


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Posted by sir_magic_fingers on Feb 23, 2008
Today, I am so about the joy, the gratitude, the appreication the love. My sole intention has become about feeling the joy and then letting everything else show up asa result. I am not doing for the "Stuff" ia ma doing it for the joy. Nothing really is as inportant as that I feel good. I am so aware of how the feeling good brings everything else that is wanted that to feel or thing anything else that is pushing against or unwanted feels like something other than the joy I am waning. The San ANtonio and Washington DC workshops contain such a huge message for me that I am really feeling the message of Abraham. Dave.