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Jan 11, 2008

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Dec 29, 2007

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Lucky Spin
45, Sacramento, United States
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Adventures in Time and Space - Continued -
Feb 19, 2008

Today I was the uplifter / teacher. I am holding alignment with the wellbeing of my clients while I reach for feelings that bring relief. I had to encourage one client to shift the topic of conversation for one that  brought on a better feeling. As I did so the energy in the room shifted, and I could feel my energy flow in a much easier and effortless way. I too was reaching for topics that put me in alignment with appreciation and gratitude. I fellt much lighter after my session with my client and ended with a hug. My client actually stroked my shoulder for one second, whilst passing me in the hall. It was an acceptable form of affection. I was immeadiatly put in a place of love and gratitude for my relationship with this particular patient.

I keep pivoting downstream and I allow the river to turn me. I keep beating the drum of "My life keeps getting better and my dominant intention is to be in joy", Everything else comes effortlessly and in a fun way when I am feeling joyful.

I was in the mood this evening to listen to my desire for a Digiorno Pizza. As I listened to my strongest intuition on which one to get, I decided on a Spinach, Garlic and Mushroom Pie. I am very happy I did. It was scrummy. For dessert I wanted something that would help me be very downstream. I chose a slice of cheesecake with strawberries and cream. I felt that will certainly turn me downstream and I felt happy with my choice. I will spend part of my evening relaxing and aligning my energy for tomorrow, and the rest of the week. I can pre intend a very joyful weekend and will do what it takes to provide those thoughts and feelings, in order to mold the energy that way. I am rehersing my future.

Tonight I am feeling grateful for having had a very good day. I am fullfilled by my work and accomplished a great deal. I am expectant of some large checks coming in the mail as I excitedly check my P O Box for the money. I keep beating the drum of the large checks and money coming my way more than I am beating the drum of the unwanted. The idea of "seeing the future that I am wanting, more than what I am currently living", has sunk in and I am expectant and optomistic about my future.

My patients all feel the higher energy and are responding to my feelings of love and gratitude. I have started showing love that is acceptable to those around me. I do this in a way that they do not feeling overwhelmed. Its nice to be able to know that less is more in most cases. Today I am practicing thoughts of spending weekends at Disney World and I can feel a lift in my energy. These thoughts bring relief when I ponder my weekend. Orlando, Here I come. I have also set an intention of booking passage on the next Abe Cruise. That thought also brings a feeling of relief. Nice to know that, thoughts of vacation and weekend bring relief.

I think I will end on that note for tonight. Its time to practice what I preach.

Peace Out,


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Posted by jspirit on Mar 19, 2012
Well it seems as though I'm a late Bloomer, both in life and with Abraham Hicks, who is my most favorite of youtube videos which I watch every night, take my laptop to bed with me, do my protection meditation and put on Abraham. How very inspiring you are and what a wonderful writer, your enthusiasim comes right on through.... Energy, Energy, Energy....
I'm feeling you Dave you and that beautiful Soul....
Sooooo Thank you for sharing, have a beautiful fun filled evening, oh by the way it is 3/19/2012 and it looks like you posted this back in Feb of 2008, yep, just like I said late bloomer....
May this email find you in Good Health and Spirts....
Signing off....