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The inspiration for AbrahamSingles.com
Jan 11, 2008

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Uploading pictures - resizing
Dec 29, 2007

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Lucky Spin
27, new york, United States
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I AM So Magical!
Jan 14, 2008

What a day!  I woke up with a change in plans that threw a few things around.  What I saw, what I experienced was amazing.  Since the New Year, the Year of Infinite Possibilities, has arrived there has been an outstanding joke in this family that I am magical. 

It started out one morning at a red traffic light.  I was looking at the clock noticing we were a bit behind schedule and decided that I would make the light turn green.  I closed my eyes, opened my heart and waved my hand.  When my eyes opened, the light was green.  I chuckled, but I was discovered too.  "Mommy, what did you do?  What are you laughing about?"  I shared my experience and the usual doubt arose.

"Watch, I'll show you at the next red light."  And at the next light, I waved my hand and the light changed.  There were ooh's and ah's from the backseat.  I made my point.

Well, I've had fun with this.  But today was the real "test".  I hadn't originally intended to use this game, but there I was standing in line.  I was starting to get a little irritated when it occurred to me that I could wave my hand and make it change.  I extended my heart and waved it's "hand".  Not even a second later, the receptionist asked her coworker's my question and I was free to go.

So, I have discovered the Magician in me.  Thank You!  But the buck doesn't stop here!  You are just as magical as I am.  Will you open your heart to let you Magician out?

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