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Jan 11, 2008

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Dec 29, 2007

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mercunis's Blog
Rampage of a billionaire (copy of a post on the Abe Forum)
Jan 10, 2008
I knew it when I was 14, I proudly told my friend & his mom "You know I'm going to be richer than Bill Gates"

Well that was then and I'm seeing how perfectly I've had life experiences unfold which helped me understand

what it means to be so taken by the power of an idea that you are
in it 12 hours a night after school, and are still fulla energy,

what it means to see manifestation starting to happen,

what it means to see it snowball, what started small becoming so big and so fast,

what it means to be rich, 

what it means to fall outta alignment

what it means to be poor,

what it means to try to be desireless, 

what it means to renounce the world and not care,

That I've had happy moments even while I was shivering at night on the
streets with a stray pup as company, and I've had happy moments while
lounging by the pool of a plush five star hotel. And through it all
most importantly, to come to understand that what matters most is life,
precious life. That when I feel good I'm feeling precious life coarsing
through me.

And today I know it so surely, I'll proclaim it.

Let history note that this billionaire knew it and appreciated it even before.

What is it about having billions of dollars that I like -

I like to experience in manifest reality what I've felt for so long,
that decadent abundance is not the exception, it is the norm. Just look
at nature, the fruits don't ration themselves.

The feeling of not being limited in anyway by the factor of money,
knowing that I can afford anything I want, and so it is. Just that
feeling of unboundedness

The joy of being a breathing example of one who has allowed in the
financial affluence that is available all humankind. And the joy of
sharing with openness whatever I have learnt
to all who ask of me.

The zest of seeing the whole of the earth as my playground

The satisfaction of being one who had the courage to trust his inner whisper, and is richer in every way for it.

So be it.

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