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Jan 11, 2008

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Lucky Spin
48, Lexington, United States
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Another new year...and a nice round number it is, too.
Jan 02, 2008

Hello all. Here I am at my relatively easy third shift job, killing time listening to an impossibly long playlist on Windows Media Player and looking for a connection over the internet. Sounds like a slashbang of an idea, doesn't it? I really should be reading. I told myself I'd try a couple of the processes outlined in Ask and It Is Given tonight, but it hasn't happened so far.

I shouldn't feel so melancholy, but I do for now. I may have to do something about that...but let's say for now that I am so sick of the whole dating game...waiting for a man to call, wondering what his intentions are and what he thinks of me. All I need is for it to line up perfectly just one time. Still it saddens me when I have to drop someone I clicked SO WELL with...because he can't seem to call me or date me with any sort of regularity. I lreally am worth more consideration than that!

So perhaps this isn't the best inaugural post ever, but it's what I've got tonight. I wish everyone on Earth the best for this year...and I wish it for myself, too.

Love, joy, and happiness to all!

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Posted by Accentu8Love on Jan 03, 2008
Happy New Year!